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For 15 weeks in 2017 the B-relyt blogs

were a weekly dialogue about my life, B-RELYT, and glimpses into AAA.

Starting January 2018 through when AAA is published my blogs will be sporadic as my publishing team and I are working hard on AAA. Thank  you for your patience.

August 8, 2018

Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions: Speaking the Truth Through a Black Woman's Eyes is available for purchase  on Amazon and signed copies are currently at Barnes and Noble at the Grove Los Angeles.

People have  this to say about AAA:

“Kimlin Johnson has written a book that gives the

blueprint on how to bring about making a difference in

the world. AAA will start the dialogue for change. The

change to make America better”


February 28, 2018


  1. He Graduated from Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles, CA.

  2. The Supervisor earned a PhD in Social Ethics and Policy Analysis from the University of Southern California (USC-1989).

  3. He has twin sons, Sebastian and Sinclair, who both graduated from Morehouse College.

  4. Mark Ridley-Thomas is married to the beautiful Avis Ridley-Thomas


5. Ridley-Thomas assumed the Office of Supervisor of


February 14, 2018

Today I am sharing someone extra special to me.  She is a mentor, leader, and inspiration in my life, and she keeps it real at all times.  Dr. Barbara Avery and I met when we both started Loyola Marymount University (LMU) at the same time
(1990).   I was a first-year college student and Dr. Avery was the new Associate Dean of Students.  In addition, I am excited to announce that Dr. Avery is featured in my soon to be publ...

February 7, 2018

Today, I am excited to share that the B-RELYT Organization, my non-profit has been providing Math and Science skills to our pilot school, Loren Miller Elementary School since December 2017.  Currently, The B-RELYT organization’s team consists of Stan, Isaiah, Tyler, and myself(  We are all honored, humbled and grateful to be a part of the philanthropic world and have seen first hand the benefits of strengtheni...

January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018

Dear Dr. King:

I am writing to let you know the status of the world and the Black Community.  I can’t believe April 4, 2018 will mark the 50-year anniversary of your assassination. 

We are living in extremely dangerous times; when political correctness is more important than morals, truth and goals.  It is because of this political correctness, we currently have the 45th President of the United States of Ame...

December 27, 2017

No man or woman is an island.  And I have been blessed with amazing people in my life. This is my team that is making The B-Relyt Organization and my book, AAA (Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions) possible.  Some of my team listed below will only have their initials and will remain anonymous.  However, all of them have been and will continue to be significant in the success of The B-Relyt Organization and AAA.  This is m...

December 15, 2017

Stan’s List

  1. Unknown Quantity: A Real and Imaginary History of Algebra –

    by John   Derbyshire (Mathematics History)

    2.  Wild Seed - by Octavia E. Butler (Sci-Fi by a Black author)

    3.   Stranger in a Strange Land - by Robert A. Heinlein (Sci-Fi)

Kimlin’s List

  1. Trust by Iyanla Vanzant

  2. *[i]Blessed in the Darkness by Joel Olsteen

  3. SOAR by T.D. Jakes

  4. *Memento Park by Mark Sarvas (March 2018)

  5. ...

November 29, 2017

By Run D.M.C. (1984).

Unemployment at a record high
People coming, people going, people born to die
Don't ask me, because I don't know why
But it's like that, and that's the way it is

People in the world try to make ends meet
You try to ride car, train, bus, or feet
I said you got to work hard to want to compete
It's like that, and that's the way it is


Money is the key to end all your woes
Your ups and your downs, your highs...

November 22, 2017

On Being a Champion

By Mattie J.T. Stepanek

A Champion is a winner,
A hero...
Someone who never gives up
Even when the going gets rough.
A champion is a member of
A winning team...
Someone who overcomes challenges
Even when it requires creative solutions.
A champion is an optimist,
A hopeful spirit...
Someone who plays the game,
Even when the game is called life.
There can be a champion in each of us,
If we live as a winner,

November 16, 2017

By:Shonda Buchanan

Too obvious-The word.

Cut to: Andrew Jackson

Shaving, glasses off

A nick, then slit of blood.

Mixed Bloods, Colored, Zambo

How Many Different kinds of them?

Let’s reach outside Our borders.

Cut to:


Hitler’s Bunker

A letter is being written, folded and there are screams

 in the chambers.

Cut to:

Walter Plecker leaving his pristinely organized bureau of vital statistics desk.

Workers are allowing black and white,


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