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The B-Relyt Organization, Inc.

The History of B-RELYT

The B-RELYT Organization, Inc. (B-RELYT) was founded in 2017 by Kimlin Johnson with the goal of addressing the severe deficiency in STEM skills among Black and Brown students. Our motivation stems from the alarming lack of math equity experienced by underserved students, as evident from CAASPP scores and our personal interactions with students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).


What sets our 501(c)(3) organization apart is the unique background of both myself and my husband, Stan Johnson, who both hold engineering degrees. For B-RELYT, STEM is not just a buzzword; it is a tangible reality. Stan currently serves as an Electrical Engineering Supervisor for Caltrans, while I have dedicated over 23 years to the field of Environmental Engineering. Our collective expertise and experience make us uniquely qualified to address the STEM education needs of underserved students.


At B-RELYT, we firmly believe that mentorship, coupled with a strong foundation in mathematics, is the cornerstone of success in STEM education.  We enjoy helping students understand Math and Science on deeper levels.  Our Community Outreach program is The Nonprofit Project, helping other underserved nonprofits navigate this business.

What's New at B-RELYT?

On Cesar Chavez Day (3/31) in 2023, STEM professionals united to establish the Black Math Collective as a social enterprise.   “Black Math Collective” (referred to herein as BMC) will operate as a fictitious business name or DBA (Doing Business As) of The B-RELYT Organization, Inc (B-RELYT). While B-RELYT as an organization will continue to operate under its existing name in the management of Math Programming for K-12th grades and other programming as outlined below, B-RELYT will operate under the fictitious business name “Black Math Collective” in its activities relating to the development and refinement of other aspects of B-RELYT. B-RELYT and BMC are intended to be synonymous in their reference to our organization.

Commited to Making a Difference

RELYT is Kimlin’s daughter’s name; Tyler spelled backwards. The candle in the middle of B-RELYT's logo symbolizes the strength to "Spark the Knowledge."

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