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“Math, Science, Engineering, Black Culture and other important subjects are the primary focus of knowledge shared.  For two to three years, this program will be for elementary schools only.  In the  2018 - 19  school year, Art and Music will be incorporated into the B-RELYT curriculum.  B-RELYT will transition to Middle and High Schools in 2020.

Volunteers on Construction Site


Math will never change.  When I was growing up they called it “new math.”  The basic fundamentals of math will always remain the same.  Therefore, you can call it what you want, but at B-RELYT, we make sure our students build strong fundamentals and develop critical thinking skills to thrive.

Community Garden


Science is everywhere and in everything.  Therefore, B-RELYT will use project-based learning to enhance our students' science skills. Each project will incorporate some aspect STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math).

Boy with Guitar


Music feeds the soul and it also helps with fractions.  The B-RELYT Music curriculum will start begin with the 2018-19 school year. 

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