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I have taken my life down to the studs to build B-RELYT and AAA

My life has been taken down to it’s studs, both literally and figuratively speaking. I am at a pivotal point in my life, 44 years old, where I needed to make some significant changes in friendships, relationships, and family. You all know the quote, “People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” Well I am here to tell you I need more life-timers.

It all started January 2017 when I met the mom that Feng Shui’d the Grove Los Angeles ( I was telling this mom, I am writing a book (AAA), starting a non-profit (B-RELYT) and I needed to clean up and clean out my life. She began telling me she was an expert at Feng Shui and though she did not have time to come to my home, she could help me with any questions. It was at that moment I went online and started the Feng Shui process for the Johnsons’.

I immediately downloaded a Bagua Map ( and applied this to our home’s layout (refer to definitions below). The Feng Shui mom referenced above was extremely helpful with all of my questions and anyone who knows me, knows I ask a lot of questions. Well, I was on a strict budget so for the POWER-WEALTH area of our home, it happens to be our Master bedroom. It was suggested I bring in pictures of water. What I did on my strict budget was print out two on-line pictures of water and then I found a picture I was supposed to have framed for Nana (my grandmother) that I was not able to get around to. I taped Nana’s picture and the downloaded water pictures to our wall. Well what do you know? Money started flowing in and has been ever since I feng shui’d our Master Bedroom.

Currently, we are remodeling our half bathroom, service porch, kitchen and dining room. However, when I tell you my new kitchen cabinets and countertops are grey and white for all of the future kids that will benefit from B-RELYT, to help their creativity, as this is my Children-Creativity Communication area. My backdoor will be painted red and my dryer is red because it is located in my Love-Marriage area. And last week I had three black windows installed for my Career & Work Success and Helpful People-Travel areas.

Please know that both of my kids are extremely creative, Tyler with art and singing and Joel is a musician. People have always told me, “You have a good energy and are a pleasure to be around.” However, with having good energy, I have learned you need to surround yourself with people with good energy too. I mean really, I can’t carry your problems and mine, I can’t listen to all negativity and let's face it, I can’t be weighed down by your presence. Just recently I was told by someone who I hope becomes a life-timer in my life when we were getting off the phone, “You are my friend.” And anyone who knows me, knows if I am your friend you have somebody who is loyal, honest and a “life-timer.”

Bagua-the feng shui energy map of any given space.

Bagua Areas- nine areas of your space connected to areas of your life.

The Nine Bagua Areas are:

  1. Power-Wealth –generate cash flow, increase prosperity

  2. Fame-Reputation-establish reputation

  3. Love-Marriage-attract love, improve relationships

  4. Family Relationships & Core Health-strengthen family

  5. Physical-Spiritual-overcome illness

  6. Children-Creativity Communication-children’s well-being

  7. Knowledge-Spirituality-encourage personal growth

  8. Career &Work Success-achieve goals

  9. Helpful People-Travel-attract helpful people

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