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"45 things I have learned at 45 "

Put God in Everything you do

  1. Say “Lord I thank you” at least once every day” My Godmom

  2. Hold America Accountable for their racism and blatant lies about our history

  3. Be Kind

  4. Be Humble

  5. Be Empathetic

  6. Be at peace with your decisions

  7. Be positive in the midst of turmoil

  8. Be a part of the solution, not the problem

  9. Be extremely careful who you let in your inner-circle

  10. “Be impeccable with your word, especially to yourself” just learned this two weeks ago from someone extra special - ML

  11. “Learn how to get along” My Godmom

  12. “Slow Down, You must take care of yourself” My Godmom

  13. Follow your instincts

  14. Meet your family where they are at, expect nothing

  15. Learn the lessons from your mistakes

  16. Never hang around negative people

  17. Never eat at repasses

  18. Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing

  19. Racism is wrong but so is not sticking together as African Americans/Blacks

  20. Hold Black People ,Black Politicians , Black Judges, Black Attorneys, and Black Teachers/Administrators accountable for the current state of the Black Community

  21. Respect is a two-way street

  22. Keep it real but say it softly, I am a work in progress

  23. Try not to cuss out people after you reach 31 years of age, I am a work in progress

  24. Treat others how you want to be treated

  25. Speak things into existence

  26. Follow your instincts

  27. Know that passive aggressive people can be extremely dangerous

  28. Put people in their categories i.e., acquaintances, friends , life-timers and “baiters”

  29. Don’t be scared to end a friendship, the right one is usually around the corner

  30. Jewelry ain’t worth shit, don’t invest in it

  31. Don’t Judge

  32. Give off good energy

  33. Focus on who is, not who isn’t

  34. Tell your secrets to JESUS only

  35. Carrying the extra 40+ lbs after 40 is too much, May 30, 2018 is my goal

  36. Take a nap when you have reached your tipping point

  37. Pay close attention to the “small stuff”

  38. Ask Questions?

  39. Stop and enjoy your surroundings

  40. Do your part to make this world a better place

  41. Find what feeds your spirit, for me it is my Saturday morning Jazz Class

  42. Seek counseling at least three times in your lifetime

44.Always remember to give back

45.If you don’t use your gifts, you will lose them, for me this would be singing

3 Bonuses

46. Not singing the National Anthem is your right, take a knee or two whenever you feel moved, This has nothing to do with our beloved Veterans nor current military

47.Your vote for President of the United States is very important, make better choicesin selecting the next President

48.Confront only when necessary

"45 and Alive! Lord I thank you"

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