“You can use hatred as a weapon. But you cannot use hatred to defeat hate.” Dr. Martin Luther King

January 31, 2018

Dear Dr. King:

I am writing to let you know the status of the world and the Black Community. I can’t believe April 4, 2018 will mark the 50-year anniversary of your assassination.

We are living in extremely dangerous times; when political correctness is more important than morals, truth and goals. It is because of this political correctness, we currently have the 45th President of the United States of America(#45). #45 does not respect human rights and refers to struggling countries as “shitholes.” My heart aches when I look at all the foolishness going on in the world today. To be a part of the solution I wrote a book, AAA to address some of our challenges.

I feel like we are living in a time of “Revenge of the Losers.” As we don’t have leaders like you anymore, spiritual leaders that care about all human beings and their civil rights. We have losers running companies, departments and leading America into a chaotic state of no hope and irreparable damages. John Hope Bryant (author of The Memo) said it best, “We have idiots and fools running countries and companies, and brilliant people who are homeless. Success these days is not just about how smart you are. It’s about getting The Memo.” I do often wonder, if you had been alive would the world be so lost?

From 2014-2016 over 150 Black people that we know of, were murdered at the hands of the police with absolutely no consequences for their actions. When Trayvonne Martin was murdered by a Judge’s son, and the Judge’s son got away with murder, we as Black people didn’t even know what to do? or how to come together and unite? In addition, the video of Eric Garner being killed by two police officers in broad daylight saying, “I can’t breathe,” as an illegal choke hold sucked the life out of him demonstrates racism is still alive. Eric Garner’s murder was aired throughout the United States, and again the two police officers were not held accountable. From 2014-2017 I cried so much, I ran out of tears and I am actually crying while I write this section of your letter. However, I want you to know when all this shit was going on in the Black Community I was writing my book, every Sunday. My book will be entitled: Authenticity Accountability, and Ambitions: What America is Lacking through a Black Woman’s Eyes? (AAA). AAA can’t solve all of the problems in the Black Community, however, I have stepped into my calling and embraced the change that is coming. AAA is me, “Speaking my truth” from the tallest building, across the seas to Haiti, Egypt and Africa. When I tell you, the truth hurts but the lack of knowledge hurts more.

When I look at you kneeling in this picture, it makes me wonder what were you praying about? Or who were you praying for? And ultimately how can we get back to the morals and goals you instilled in America? Now that I know my purpose in life, I will never give up on your dream, nor mine. Thank you for making an everlasting impact in this world. Your bravery has been ringing since you were born and will ring until Kingdom Come. Nonetheless, Black people are going to have to participate in their freedom. “Free at last, Free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m Free at last.”

With the Utmost Respect and Admiration,

Kimlin C. Johnson

Author of AAA